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Cleanroom Workplace Systems

Cleanrooms are utilised as a part of specialised industrial production or scientific research for products such as electronics, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. They are designed to maintain extremely low levels of airborne particulates and contaminants.

For such controlled environments, we offer a range of class 100/ISO 5 cleanroom chairs and cleanroom stools from Uchida, Japan.

We also offer SS tables, SS chairs & stools, SS trolleys, storage racks, lab tables and drawers as per ISO-14644-1 cleanroom criteria, and provide unmatched ergonomics and convenience in cleanroom applications.

ESD tables manufacturer in India


Messung's current offering are Japanese-made ESD-safe cleanroom chairs and stools. These innovative, high-quality chairs are certified by ISO class 100, and are designed and manufactured to fulfill basic cleanroom criteria.

These chairs also have ESD parts and conductive leather upholstery with surface resistivity to ensure ESD protection, making them the right choice for controlled environment applications that require static control.

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